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Yes We Can World Foundation is a 501(c)3 non profit organization dedicated to providing children access to education regardless of their location, legal status, or income status. Any contribution above $250 is recognized as a tax deductible donation by the IRS in the United States.

There are a couple ways you can get involved and help us continue this program as well as help us build more #YesWeCanMobileSchools.

Here are the options to send a Donation:

Option 1: Donate on our Go Fund Me campaign.


Option 2: Donate on the Venmo App

You can find us on the Venmo app by searching for @YESWECANDONATIONS

Option 3: Donate by sending a Check


Please make checks to:

Yes We Can World Foundation

Please send the check to:

Yes We Can World Foundation P.O.Box 4067 Burbank, CA 91503


Contact US for donation OPPORTUNITIES

If you would like to sponsor a #YesWeCanMobileSchools BUS, partner with Yes We Can World Foundation, make a company donation, or a large contribution please send us an email.

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